Gray Zone Challenges: Between The War And Peace Duality

The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) defines gray zone challenges as “competitive interactions among and within state and non-state actors that fall between the traditional war and peace duality.” In the words of GEN Joe Votel et. al., “[t]he Gray Zone is characterized by intense political, economic, informational, and…

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MWI’s Andrew Bacevich Criticizes U.S. Military Forays in Middle East – 29 September 2016

“MWI’s Andrew Bacevich Criticizes U.S. Military Forays in Middle East. Speaking to cadets and faculty, MWI Adjunct Scholar Andrew Bacevich gives a blistering critique of U.S. military interventionism in the greater Middle East.” For Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-2015, please see: and see Military…

U.S. Army Sgt. Larry J. Isbell of Oklahoma City, Ok., representing the National Guard, watches his firing lane for targets during the M-4 Range Qualification event during the Department of the Army's 10th annual Best Warrior Competition held on Fort Lee, Va., Oct. 21.

MWI – How COIN (Counterinsurgency) Theory Explains Organizational Change: An MWI Report – 25 September 2016

How COIN Theory Explains Organizational Change: An MWI Report. MWI Non-Resident Fellow Douglas Pryer writes in this new report that since the human dynamics underlying all group competitions are similar, all leaders can benefit from applying COIN theory to achieve significant organizational change. See also:  Military Legitimacy: Right and…


Defense Support to Civil Authorities in Wake of Unrest in Charlotte, NC – 22 September 2016

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory deployed the state National Guard and highway patrol to Charlotte after violent protests raged for a second night over the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott   And see: And for the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, see:…


MWI – U.S. Cybersecurity Gets a New Cyber Warrior General – 20 September 2016

U.S. Cybersecurity Gets a New Cyber Warrior General. MWI Contributor Robert Potter argues a turn for the positive in U.S. cybersecuirty with the recent appointment of Brigadier General (retired) Gregory J. Touhil as the first ever U.S. Federal Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). and see also: and please…


The Atlantic – When Women Lead Soldiers Into Battle – 9 September 2016 The US ban on women in ground combat has been lifted and all combat roles are now open to women – who stand poised to take command of combat units for the first time. and see and see and see Carter Names First Female Combatant…


Joint Force Quarterly – What It Means to Be Expeditionary: A Look at the French Army in Africa – 3rd Quarter, July 2016

“A recently published RAND study of French army operations in Mali in 2013 noted that in many ways, France’s army epitomizes the characteristics General Odierno and General Milley have highlighted.” Cited with authority in:


MWI – Who Should We Save?: On Perilous Judgments and Military Moral Thought – 5 September 2016 and see: Govern, Kevin H., The Legal Way Ahead Between War And Peace (Chapter 16) (2008). Enemy Combatants, Terrorism, and Armed Conflict Law: A Guide to the Issues, Edited by David K. Linnan (Praeger 2008). Available at SSRN:


NYT – Air Force, Running Low on Drone Pilots, Turns to Contractors in Terror Fight – 5 September 2016

I “The Pentagon is increasingly relying on private contractors to operate drones for reconnaissance missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.” See also: Govern, Kevin H. and Schlager, Scott A, ‘Guns for Hire, Death on Demand’: The Permissibility of U.S. Outsourcing of Drone Attacks to Civilian Surrogates of the Armed Forces and…


CERL Event – Producing Leaders of Character and Integrity: Instilling Values into Public Life – 15 September 2016 September 15, 2016 CERL Presents – Producing Leaders of Character and Integrity: Instilling Values into Public Life Time: 8:00am – 8:00pm Location: Golkin 100, Michael A. Fitts Auditorium, University of Pennsylvania Law School This symposium will explore the concept of ethical leadership. It will examine the effectiveness of…