April 7, 2018 Deadline: Barnes-Wall Award Nomination

The Barnes-Wall Foundation of South Carolina is again soliciting nominations for the following award to a deserving student:

The foundation will consider providing a Military Legitimacy Review Award ($500.00) to the best paper on a topic related to military legitimacy, as well as the additional category of a Military Scholarship Award ($250) to a rising military scholar (Cadet/Midshipman/Officer Candidate/Senior Military College*/Military Junior College** attendee) for the best paper on a topic related to military legitimacy.

The award is not intended to recognize a paper for academic credit in an independent study, but an award for the best paper in a class or group of 3 or more. The topic and paper should relate to legal and moral issues in military operations and/or strategy (e.g. democracy, human rights and the rule of law, and religion/cultural issues), with the winning paper being posted (with a non-exclusive right of publication, rights reserved by author) with the author’s permission on the Military Legitimacy Review (MLR) website at http://militarylegitimacyreview.com

A new cycle for 2018 begins, with submissions solicited for the next year’s competition accepted through April 7, 2018.  For additional details please contact the Editor in Chief of the MLR, Professor of Law Kevin Govern, via khgovern@avemarialaw.edu or info@militarylegitimacyreview.com.

*= A senior military college (SMC) is one of six colleges that offer military Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) programs and are specifically recognized under 10 USC 2111a(f). The six senior military colleges are:

**=There are five Military Junior Colleges in the United States: