MWI – “WHERE ARE THE WOMEN? THE UNFORTUNATE OMISSION IN THE ARMY’S COIN DOCTRINE” – 7 March 2017 Where Are the Women? The Unfortunate Omission in the Army’s COIN Doctrine. “Megan Anderson provides a thought provoking analysis of the Army’s counterinsurgency doctrine.” And see: FM 3-24 Counterinsurgency See also earlier examinations from other authors: Counterinsurgency and Gender: The Case of the Female Engagement Teams…

Joint Force Quarterly – What It Means to Be Expeditionary: A Look at the French Army in Africa – 3rd Quarter, July 2016

“A recently published RAND study of French army operations in Mali in 2013 noted that in many ways, France’s army epitomizes the characteristics General Odierno and General Milley have highlighted.” Cited with authority in: