Military Legitimacy

Joint Force Quarterly – What It Means to Be Expeditionary: A Look at the French Army in Africa – 3rd Quarter, July 2016

“A recently published RAND study of French army operations in Mali in 2013 noted that in many ways, France’s army epitomizes the characteristics General Odierno and General Milley have highlighted.” Cited with authority in:

MWI – Who Should We Save?: On Perilous Judgments and Military Moral Thought – 5 September 2016 and see: Govern, Kevin H., The Legal Way Ahead Between War And Peace (Chapter 16) (2008). Enemy Combatants, Terrorism, and Armed Conflict Law: A Guide to the Issues, Edited by David K. Linnan (Praeger 2008). Available at SSRN:

NYT – Air Force, Running Low on Drone Pilots, Turns to Contractors in Terror Fight – 5 September 2016

I “The Pentagon is increasingly relying on private contractors to operate drones for reconnaissance missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.” See also: Govern, Kevin H. and Schlager, Scott A, ‘Guns for Hire, Death on Demand’: The Permissibility of U.S. Outsourcing of Drone Attacks to Civilian Surrogates of the Armed Forces and…

CERL Event – Producing Leaders of Character and Integrity: Instilling Values into Public Life – 15 September 2016 September 15, 2016 CERL Presents – Producing Leaders of Character and Integrity: Instilling Values into Public Life Time: 8:00am – 8:00pm Location: Golkin 100, Michael A. Fitts Auditorium, University of Pennsylvania Law School This symposium will explore the concept of ethical leadership. It will examine the effectiveness of…

MWI – Adding Rigor to Stability and Reconstruction Operations: An MWI Report – 30 August 2016 MAJ Bates explores an essential component of stability and reconstruction operations. For more background, see also:

Simons Center Interagency Journal – “Out of Sync” – U.S. Africa Command and Recent Interagency Challenges – Summer 2016 The most recent edition of the Simons Center Interagency Journal examines US Africa Command’s innovative interagency structure. It highlights some recent challenges, particularly between DoD and State coordination in regional policy and security cooperation. The authors conclude that despite these challenges AFRICOM is equipped to counter these challenges by…

MWI – A Civil War Vignette that Explains Modern Civ-Mil Relations – 22 August 2016 This essay from MAJ Dan Maurer is a shortened version of a chapter appearing in the author’s forthcoming book on American strategic civil-military relationships, tentatively titled A Necessary Measure. Relevant to MAJ Maurer’s study, after the Mexican War, General Winfield Scott’s occupation was such a model of excellence that Ulysses S….