MWI – Cyberwarfare a Double-edged Sword for Authoritarian States – 1 August 2016

MWI Contributor Robert Potter argues that authoritarian states are more vulnerable to the impacts of cyberwarfare than democracies in today’s War Council Blog. For more on cyberwar, see:  

South China Sea – Territorial Dispute

The links provided are a partial, work-in-progress webliography of recent media coverage and strategic thought regarding maritime territorial disputes in East Asia, particularly the South China Sea:

Modern War Institute (MWI) – War on the Rocks: A Military Guide to Accessing Research on Fragile States – 22 June 2016

A Military Guide to Accessing Research on Fragile States see also: The Fund for Peace is an independent, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that works to prevent violent conflict and promote sustainable security. The twelfth annual Fragile States Index (FSI) focuses on the indicators of risk and…

The Report of the Iraq Inquiry (Chilcot Report) – 6 July 2016. and see: and see: Govern, Kevin H., Rethinking Rule of Law Efforts in Iraq (2007). JURIST Forum (, February 26, 2007. Available at SSRN:  

NYTimes: Drone Strike Statistics Answer Few Questions, and Raise Many – 4 July 2016 see also: FACT SHEET: Executive Order on the US Policy on Pre & Post-Strike Measures to Address Civilian Casualties in the US Operations Involving the Use of Force & the DNI Release of Aggregate Data on Strike Outside Area of Active Hostilities

W&L Law Symposium: Policing in America – Powers and Accountability Addressing mass incarceration, discriminatory use of force, and militarized policing in America Friday, January 29, 2016 Washington and Lee School of Law 1 Denny Circle Lexington, Virginia 24450 A full agenda outlining all panel presentations and speakers is forthcoming. For more information, please contact Emelia Hall at

CERL presents Sarah Chayes, “Counterproductive Coalitions”

Sarah Chayes ©2014 Kaveh Sardari Map Contact Info: CERL presents Sarah Chayes, “Counterproductive Coalitions” Time: 4:30pm – 6:00pm Location: Golkin 100, Michael A. Fitts Auditorium The Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law presents “Counterproductive Coalitions”. This event will be held at the University of Pennsylvania Law School…

Ethical Dilemmas in the Global Defense Industry

Home Schedule Required Readings Background Readings Participants CERL Home Ethical Dilemmas in the Global Defense Industry The defense industry operates at the intersection of the public and private sectors in a global arena and routinely interacts with foreign legal systems and diverse cultures.  Navigating these different contexts creates challenges for the defense industry,…