MWI – A Civil War Vignette that Explains Modern Civ-Mil Relations – 22 August 2016

This essay from MAJ Dan Maurer is a shortened version of a chapter appearing in the author’s forthcoming book on American strategic civil-military relationships, tentatively titled A Necessary Measure.

Relevant to MAJ Maurer’s study, after the Mexican War, General Winfield Scott’s occupation was such a model of excellence that Ulysses S. Grant remarked that the Mexicans regretted Scott’s departure almost as much as they hated to see his arrival. See Stanley Sandler, Glad to See Them Come and Sorry to See Them Go: A History of U.S. Army Tactical Civil Affairs/Military Government, 1775–1991 (Fort Bragg, N.C.:
U.S. Army Special Operations Command, 1998), cited with authority in the excellent resource on civil-military relations, U.S. Army Civil Affairs–The Army’s “Ounce of Prevention,” Bruce B. Bingham, Daniel L. Rubini and Michael J. Cleary, The Land Warfare Papers, No. 41, March 2003. Available at