Pentagon invites hackers in and backs encryption

Ash Carter - Getty Images
Pentagon invites hackers in and backs encryption

The Pentagon has invited external experts to hack into its systems in the first such test of its cybersecurity measures.
The method is often used by private companies that want to use the expertise of “friendly” hackers to find holes in their systems.
It came after the US defence secretary backed strong encryption amid the FBI’s phone unlocking row with Apple.
Ash Carter called on tech firms and the US government to work together.
The US Department of Defense launched its Hack the Pentagon project on Wednesday, inviting vetted outside hackers to test the security of some of its public websites.
According to the Reuters news agency, the programme will be modelled on the hacking bounties often run by firms, in which experts are offered incentives to identify and report security issues. The Pentagon said it was also considering offering financial rewards.

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